Beginner To Advanced WordPress Video Tutorial Course

Girl designing a wordpress website

Looking to create your own website using WordPress? Then you’ll want to watch the videos on this 3 part WordPress tutorial series. Each page focuses on a different level of WordPress user development: Part-1 Beginner WordPress Part-2 Intermediate WordPress Part-3 Advanced WordPress Part-1: WordPress Video Training for Beginners

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WordPress for Beginners 2015 Tutorial Video Course

WordPress Logo

WordPress for Beginners 2015 is a video tutorial course specifically designed for folks who want to learn WordPress step-by-step, from the very beginning. All concepts are explained clearly, so you can build a strong foundation in WordPress, thus allowing you to create your own customized WordPress website.

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WordPress For Beginners – Complete Video Tutorial

Learn WordPress

Looking to build a website? Well now you can with this video training course for beginners on how to use WordPress. This is an excellent WordPress tutorial for beginners that will have you creating your own WordPress website in no time. After you watch these videos you’ll learn everything you …

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Using the Law of Attraction to Create Better Relationships

Couple in a Healthy Relationship

Many people like to use the law of attraction for the better relationships, but do not know how to use them. Relationships need a lot to work on them. You must have an open mind to create a new relation and to continue with the old family relation as well. …

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How To Get A Girl To Like You In 4 Simple Steps

Couple in Love

So there is this girl you really like, but you don’t know how to get a girl to like you. ANY GIRL, for that matter! If your life depended on it you wouldn’t be able to figure it out. Yet you really want this particular girl. You come across her …

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Most Popular Game Consoles Today

Wii Game Console

Most Popular Game Consoles Today By Phoenix Rose Due to stressful working hours, people tend to find for themselves various ways of entertainment. Below is the list of the most popular game consoles preferred at homes with their pros and cons together: Nintendo Wii ($200) Nintendo features Wii Sports, Wii …

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Top 10 Free Online MMORPG games 2015


With continued development in internet devices playing online high resolution MMORPG games has become more popular than ever. Even better is that you can now play these online role playing games via your mobile devices and/or desktop computers for free! Watch this video to see our picks of the best …

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Best Handheld Portable Gaming Console 2015 | Top 7

Handheld Gaming Consoles

Top 7 Best Handheld (Portable) Gaming Console, selected based on reviews, price and features. The selection is based on my own personal opinion. Below are our picks for the 7 best portable gaming consoles. They are listed in order as shown in the above video and the rating range from …

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Paleo Weight Loss Diet

Weight, Loss

The Paleolithic diet or Caveman diet is over 10,000 year old. All food were eaten raw. The diet consisted: lean meat, poultry, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, nuts, seeds and herbs. Grains, wheat, rice and legume were not eaten by caveman. These foods raw have toxins. Even when cooked …

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